The Co-operative

Number of forest owners (members) – 812

Total forest area owned by our members – around 13 343 hectares

Cubic meters of roundwood sold:

2015 –   19 726
2016 –   32 286
2017 –   62 491
2018 – 106 680
2019 – 141 126
2020 –   99 120

Value of roundwood sales in millions of EUR:

2015 – 0.9
2016 – 1.3
2017 – 2.7
2018 – 6.2
2019 – 6.7
2020 – 4.5

Forest management co-operative Mezsaimnieks is one of four such co-operatives currently operating in Latvia.  As the oldest, we were established in 2011 by 15 forest owners in the Western part of the country. Today we provide advisory, forest management and wood sale services to our members. We also write EU funded projects on their behalf to fund afforestation, thinning and tree species replacement projects. Forestry work is generally done through our permanent sub-contractors.

Working through our co-operative gives a forest owner free advice, better quality forest work, better sales conditions, correct measurement and improved financial safety.  We can provide that because we are participating in wood and services markets every day of the year.

For further contacts:

Anrijs Aumalis, Chairman of the Board
Phone: +371 29126587

The Foundation

Foundation Centre for Support of Forest Owner Cooperation is an NGO established in 2013 by the Co-operative and some of its members.  It is an organization involved in different forest owner education projects both funded by the Latvian state (Forest Development Fund), EU (ERASMUS) and the Co-operative itself.  Its goal is to promote among forest owners the idea of working together for a common good.

For further contacts:

Anrijs Aumalis, Chairman of the Board
Phone: +371 29126587